Lou Dobbs just went after the Republicans who are bashing President Trump because he spoke out against John McCain.

There is a long history between Trump and McCain. The most harmful things to Trump are the dossier that McCain gave to the FBI and reversing his vote on Obamacare.

In the video below Dobbs and Ed Rollins begin by discussing the poll numbers for President Trump and how they look compared to past presidents. Dobbs then moves on to hit the Republican leaders for their lack of support for Trump.

“We’re starting to see some movement within the party. And by the way, I think Ronna McDaniel deserves great credit, the chair of RNC, for holding the line and supporting this president with full support, when there are people like, say, Mitt Romney for example, undercutting this president because he made some nasty remarks about John McCain.”

“There is a reason for those nasty remarks. There is a history between those two men. And the people who are attacking him, including Mitch McConnell attacking the president for his views on John McCain, is asinine.

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Lou Dobbs has been spot on in his commentary during the Trump presidency. he’s one of the few with common sense.

There is a history with these two men and President Trump was deeply betrayed by McCain.

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Romney tweeted out criticism of President Trump too:

Word is that McCain couldn’t stand Romney:

McCain’s 200-page opposition research file on Romney:

Friends don’t do opposition research on each other.

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