Is this not domestic terrorism? At what point do we decide that he’s calling out people to kill anyone who’s not a minority? Justice Department?  No, never mind…

A woman asks a question, basically how do you stay one as a leader stay on the proper path, a common question one might ask of a pastor.

But this is Louis Farrakhan, so naturally the answer is not a ‘pastoral’ response. He immediately sees a conspiracy to undermine an adherent. He says he will not be taken out of his position, but threatens anyone who would be coming to her and seeking to undermine him.

“If you ever raise your hand”, he says, “we will kill every last one of you”. He continues on his rant, about the ‘good that he is doing’. “Don’t make the mistake of coming against us physically. We will kill you all. Remember the Koran. The Koran says ‘Slay them! Wherever you find them!’ And then it says, ‘When you slay them, it was not you who slayed them, it was I, Allah, who slayed them by your hand.’ Remember that and be instructed.”

Sounds pretty much like ‘Turn the other cheek’, right?

Via: The Right Pundit

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