Lawmakers in Louisiana are pushing for a ban on including vaccination status on driver’s licenses. The bill, sponsored by Rep Kathy Edmonston (R), is intended to bar the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMW) from including vaccination/immunity status on state driver’s licenses or ID cards.

While the opposition argues that this legislation is not necessary, Edmonston maintains that this is a “proactive” measure to prevent the executive branch from applying the Administrative Procedures Act to enact a policy that has not been sanctioned by lawmakers.

“This bill is prohibitive, preemptive, and proactive,” Edmonston said last week. “Overwhelmingly, citizens in my area and some of yours have asked that the driver’s license not become a vaccine passport to be used for any type of medical information.”

“This bill keeps the driver’s license for driving purposes only,” added Edmonston. She hopes to keep personal medical information, besides blood type, off of IDs and driver’s licenses, keeping medical information private.

Rep. Kathy Edmonston

Some opponents of the bill assert that they would at least like the option of including their vaccination status on their driver’s licenses/IDs. Rep. Robby Carter (D) argued that this legislation is “trying to take the privilege of saying I’m immunized away from me by saying I can’t put it on my driver’s license.”

However, Rep. Barry Ivey (R) pointed out that LA Wallet, Lousiana’s official digital driver’s license app, gives residents the option to include their vaccination status if they choose to do so. Thus, if someone really wants to display their vaccination status, they are more than welcome to do so.

It all comes down to the Left’s ability to virtual signal to the highest extent they can. While residents of Louisiana are capable of adding vaccination status to their digital licenses, then for all practical purposes, it is effectively displaying their information. However, when they’re not allowed to have it on their physical ID, it’s an obstruction of their freedoms.

This bill is now proceeding to the Senate for review. However, Governor John Bel Edwards vetoed a similar bill last year because, as he put it, it “contributes to the false narrative that the COVID-19 vaccines are anything other than safe and incredibly effective.”

However, what it really does is prevent discrimination based on personal medical choices and maintain the privacy of all citizens.


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