While Kamala Harris is nowhere to be found, Joe Biden did his best on Friday to distract from his horrible withdrawal from Afghanistan. He wants Americans to forget about what happened. We won’t forget these 13 heroes, and a group of Louisiana utility workers won’t either..;.

Biden took a trip to Louisiana to survey the damage after Hurricane Ida. While there, Biden read a speech off of the teleprompter and then wandered around the damage (video below).

While he was in Louisiana, Biden’s motorcade passed a group of utility workers who turned their backs on Biden:

Our previous report on Biden’s trip to Louisiana where he used his visit to promote the $3.5 trillion boondoggle he’s trying to get passed in Congress:

On Friday, Joe Biden traveled to Louisiana to stump for his $3.5 trillion boondoggle infrastructure bill that is mostly about giving freebies to people.  He gave a speech pumping rhetoric into the air even though he was supposedly there to “survey the damage” caused by Hurricane Ida. Heck, Joe will do anything to pivot from the disaster in Afghanistan.

He delivered a folksy speech with his sleeves rolled up, looking like he was going to do some work around the town of LaPlace, Louisiana. He used a cheat sheet with pictures and dignitaries’ names and the transcript of his speech that someone else wrote.

The short clip below is a perfect example of the inability of Biden to complete a thought…

“I’m Grateful For The Governor Asking Me To Come On Down To Visit And To See What, Uh, Visit”

After his speech, Biden turned around and ignored a handler while he waddled off in the wrong direction.

The handler even said, “This way, sir, this way.”

Biden promised $100 million in aid to residents of Louisiana. He’s going to give $500 to each resident. Yes, the visit wouldn’t be complete without Biden giving away other people’s money to enrich his political future.


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