Someone needs a good harsh spanking…and her naughty kid should be punished too!

Ever wonder where the endless stream of American hating leftists comes from? It’s hard to fathom being born into the greatest country on God’s green earth and despising everything about it. And yet, there seems to be a new crop of angry anarchist thugs hatched every day, hell-bent on destroying the very country that gave them freedom and endless opportunity.

It is easy to blame public schools that have been suffocating kids with anti-American rhetoric for decades. Teaching real history has become a thing of the past, and as long as the NEA is in charge, it’ll be the course for the future.

But what of  American parents that are complicit in this leftist deceit? People assume normal parents desire nothing but the best for their children, and would never want them to hate their own country, heritage, or themselves. The keyword here apparently is “normal”.

It’s hard to believe, but we live amongst folks that are not only ok with kids hating their own skin color but actively promote their disdain for the nation and those that fought for it.

Watch below as lousy-mother-of-the-year patiently waits on her bike while her trained tyrant son hops off his scooter to destroy another person’s property and desecrate the American flag.



Patriots flooded Twitter, appalled at the sickening display of horrendous parenting and anti-Americanism:

My stepson is 11. One day we were in a target and I saw a really nice shirt with American flag on it, I asked him if he wanted it and he goes “everyone at school thinks the flag is racist” needless to say, we got the shirt and had a long talk about how great our country is.

I explained to him that this country isn’t perfect but our family comes from a very poor country where we wouldn’t have any of the same opportunities. Now he rocks his shirt proudly.

Someone needs a good harsh spanking…and her naughty kid should be punished too!

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