Dr. Gina Loudon is hands down one of our favorite conservative writers. She nails it with this piece about the truth behind the lies of the California drought…


I found it supremely ironic this week that two of the big stories were about a man-made lack of water in California, and a man lost in a vast sea off of Florida.

Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown announced the dire circumstances, not from the Capitol in Sacramento, but from the dramatic backdrop of a mountaintop. His narrative held that there should be five feet of “snow pack,” but alas, there was none. Brown, and the radical Marxists, couched as “environmentalists” he represents, have convinced most Americans to hold two radically opposing views simultaneously. Ostensibly, California is in danger of being flooded by rising sea levels caused by global warming and melting polar ice caps, and it is also utterly out of water.

There is no shortage of water. This is an environmentalist-created drought that is costing billions.

I waver between utter disgust and admiration when I watch how the leftists sell these things, always with straight faces. Every major news outlet in America and many around the world swallowed the narrative like fish on a baited hook. They tell us there is no water, no snow to provide water for the summer, and the farmers are taking too much so people must suffer. There is an all-out war on grass, and no one is safe. Sorry, Shaggy, your “grass” is to blame as well.

drought sign

There is hand wringing in every club house as the boards are told they are coming for the rough grass, your fairways and greens are safe, for now. Evil rich guys in colorful knickers and almond farmers in overalls are the scourge of California. Off with their heads! Oh, and you can forget about the luxury of children playing on the lawn. If you want that, you breeders should move to flyover land! Don’t you dare sneak and water the backyard after dark; Brown makes it easy for your neighbors to snitch on you. I’m not making this up. They really have a state hotline for that.

Those of us who pay attention know well the proverb, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” The people who built California into the greatest agricultural producer in America gave us dams, canals, reservoirs and all kinds of conveyance of water. They harnessed the rivers that reach from the Pacific Northwest down well into Northern California and even draw water to the Golden State from the Colorado River. That was then. Nothing has changed since then, except political power.


For the last several decades, the radical fringe has taken full control of California, and it hates people. Dennis Prager observed that statists love humanity but hate humans. Watch how they latch onto dreams of egalitarian states but begin the execution of their plans by marginalizing, isolating and then executing anyone who disagrees with them. They dine in the finest restaurants in San Francisco, the likes of Brown, Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein, planning lawsuits to cut the flow of water to the farms of Central California and the people in Southern California, caring not a wit that 40,000 agricultural workers, mostly Hispanic, are unemployed.

Just this week, in the middle of a human crisis, federal fish agents ordered the release of billions of gallons of water purportedly to save six fish. You read that right. Not to save six species of fish, but literally, six fish. Apparently, these special six stood their, err ground, and when 29 of their compadres rode the 10 billion gallon man-made wave to the ocean in March, they refused to go with the flow (sorry).


You can’t make this stuff up. But when you do, people actually believe it.

So Obama administration agents want a second toilet flush to give these hard-headed steelheads a second nudge. The idea that nature itself may be holding the fish where they are is of no concern to statists who love telling both man and beast what they think is good for them. Sadly, this latest mind-boggling atrocity is getting very little media coverage. I found excellent coverage in the Manteca Bulletin. Why hasn’t the Los Angeles Times reported on this?

The current shortage is based primarily on the release of billions of gallons daily into the San Francisco Bay to sustain the bait fish known as the Delta smelt. This is a simple distribution issue; there is plenty of water.

Prior to the statists taking over California, massive pumps were diverting water from rivers into the canal system (built before Brown and his ilk took control of the state). They have all but turned these pumps off to protect the fish from their Darwinian demise, and billions upon billions of gallons of fresh water is continuously dumped into the ocean.

For the people-hating San Francisco cabal, cutting off water from the people is the real goal. They want fewer people to begin with, but the ultimate goal is control. Few environmentalists admit it publicly, but they want zero farming in the central valley, preferring to “allow” land to return to its prehistoric state. The cabal wants to control water so they can control people. Brown is just the messenger today. He is telling America that water access is a privilege, he has the power to pick winners and losers, and we have to just take it.


If Brown decides tomorrow that he wants to withhold water from almond farmers, Americans will just have to accept it. Have you ever wondered why any business owner would give campaign donations to Marxist, business-hating politicians? Now you know why. They must give to buy protection. Business owners do not donate to Brown, Pelosi or Harry Reid because those politicians are good for business; they give to be sure they are not the next targets.

The problem with all of this is that water is a limitless natural resource. Just ask the sailor who faced drowning daily or the people in the Midwest who were deluged this week. It is one thing to argue for conservation of animals, or even trees, or “green space,” but water? Water is a limitless natural resource. Not even the most self-important leftist believes he could make water go away, no matter how hard he tried. How did they convince us to accept this lie?


They got us to buy the lie that water is scarce by telling it often enough and pounding it into generations of schoolchildren. Using federal law and acts of Congress, they forced people from water-soaked regions to accept low flush or what some call “two flush” toilets the same as desert-dwelling Californians. And we fell for it. At least the Democrats among us fell for it.

Thus it is that Brown got to have his cake and eat it, too. He told Californians, and really all Americans and the world, that lack of water was not his fault for lacking the vision to feed the distribution system created by the real men who built California. He repeats that it is not the fault of the Marxists’ Endangered Species Act that prefers hard-headed fish over people. The lack of water is the result of the lack of “snow pack,” which is the result of “climate change,” which is the result of greedy people being well, people. The Delta smelt and steelhead trout must live and we mere humans should all just die.

Meanwhile, Jerry Brown is committed to spending $100 billion for trains, but he has made zero commitment to allowing water to flow to people instead of fish, and zero commitment to finding funding for his “twin tunnels” alternate solution. And why would he? We are cutting back our water use, ratting on our neighbors and accepting higher produce prices across America. The Marxists in San Francisco are toasting total victory. The farmers and country club board members are suing for peace. Lord help us

Via: WND

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