A violent woman destroyed church property, hitting decades-old Catholic statues with a hammer, and throwing them into the street.

Early Saturday morning, under cover of darkness, an unhinged woman pulled down two religious statues outside a Catholic church in Queens. Stepping over a short barrier, she proceeded to shake the statues till they came loose, then tossed them to the ground. She took a hammer to them afterwards, just to make sure they were completely ruined.

Father Frank Schwarz is the pastor of Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills. Responding to the senseless act of vandalism he said “It is heartbreaking, but sadly it is becoming more and more common these days,” adding, “I pray that this recent rash of attacks against Catholic churches and all houses of worship will end, and religious tolerance may become more a part of our society.”

He also said that “both of these statues have stood in front of the church since it was built. ”

Parishioners express sorrow and anguish over the vandalism, “You’re trying to break everybody else’s spirit because your spirit is broken.”

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According to the New York Post,

The same woman is wanted for knocking over both statues on Wednesday, according to police and church officials. They were not damaged in the prior episode, according to the Diocese of Brooklyn.

The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Unit and the 112th Precinct are investigating the vandalism.

The statues had been outside the church since 1937, according to the church’s pastor and the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Anti-religious, and more specifically anti-Christian hate crimes are on the rise in America, as angry leftists are on a mission to remove God from our country. Earlier this month we reported on the defacing of the Christ of The Ozarks statue by a gang of leftist “artists”.

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