The LSU’s Ed Orgeron gave a nod to President Trump last night after the incredible championship game in New Orleans against the Clemson Tigers. LSU defeated Clemson in a quarterback shootout between LSU’s Burrows and Clemson’s Lawrence to take home the College Football National Championship.

During a post-game interview, LSU’s Orgeron gave a shoutout to the president for his support for LSU.

“I’m so proud of the state of Louisiana — we’ve had support from the governor, from the president, from everybody that follows LSU.”

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In fact, President Trump had called Orgeron to wish him luck after LSU defeated Oklahoma:

“I was very honored to get a call from President Trump. He was very pleasant to talk to. Very complimentary of our football team, our coaching staff. Complimentary of the way the state of Louisiana has rallied around us…Was complimentary of the way we played all year and wished us good luck in the game.”

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump got a huge welcome from the sold-out crowd at the National Championship in New Orleans.

The crowd shouted “USA, USA, USA!” when the president and first lady walked onto the field before the National Anthem.

President Trump stopped walking to acknowledge the crowd and then clapped. He had a big smile on his face while he was waiting for the anthem to start.

First Lady Melania Trump smiled in response to the approving crowd.

Giving lots of love to our amazing POTUS! More videos below

Another video of the moment from Barstool Sports:

“Heard Trump is rooting for the Tigers tonight.”

That’s the joke of the day because both teams are called the Tigers.

A view from up above:



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