Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has offered up to a $1 million reward for anyone that presents evidence that presents evidence that leads to the arrest and conviction of people or a person committing voter fraud in his state.

Patrick appeared on Sean Hannity’s show where he explained why the state of Texas on three separate occasions rejected  Dominion Voting Systems. He explained to Hannity how every one of six experts in electronic data, communications systems, and  election law warned, “Do not buy this system,” adding, “They found out that they were fragile—they were error-prone—they did not meet our standards—they changed ballots—people could vote and their vote wouldn’t be counted.”

“Let’s put it this way, if Dominion were designing software for an airplane, I would not advise you to get on it.” He continued, “These are, in my view, a piece of junk!”

Patrick told Hannity, “Furthermore, these are prone to and fraud. In one case, one of our experts took their cell phone, hooked it up to a USB port, and were able to download all of the information from that voting machine into their cellphone.”

Patrick told Sean that he believes there should be a recount in every state where Dominion Voting Systems were used.

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