If you haven’t heard of her, Christiana Figueres is a total lunatic who’s hell bent on pushing Agenda 2030.

This new model, known as Agenda 2030, is set to fundamentally transform the United States into a Socialist nation, which also embraces “green” energy, within 15 years.

During an interview with CBS News in early October, Christiana Figueres stated that one of the reasons member nations are agreeing to adopt this new economic development model is because the transformation of the global economy is “unstoppable”:
“The U.S. Patent Office receives one patent for anything to do with fossil fuels and ten for renewable energy.

I think that gives you a very, very good sense of where the future is. Where you see the growth of job creation. That’s where the future is.

China is very, very clearly moving in the direction.


First, because they are listening to their citizens who actually would like to breath air without having a negative impact on their lungs.

Secondly, they totally understand that this transformation of the global economy is irresistible, it is unstoppable, and that if they want to continue being competitive in the global economy they need to be there first.

The United States, or China, or Tuvalu, to choose, you know, a tiny little economy. None of them are doing this to save the planet. All these countries are putting their best foot forward because they understand it’s good for their economy.”

Via: PT

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