Fox News’ Martha MacCallum called out Joe Biden’s senior advisor Symone Sanders for trying to score political points on the coronavirus:

Sanders tried to say it is racist for President Trump to call the virus Covid19. She said it’s a racial slur.

“It is something that is offensive to many Americans.”

Martha let loose on Sanders:

“You know MERS? Do you know why it’s called MERS? It’s called the Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome because that’s where it originated so this idea you know this sort of rabbit hole of you know getting into this whole issue of racism I just think is so counterproductive to what we’re we’re trying to do here.

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I just talked to this amazing scholar on China woman’s ago who said absolutely China at the leadership level has tried to obviously skate and become everything but transparent since the very beginning they lied and lied and lied about this.

Sanders had no idea what MERS was called. Does she know about the German Measles?

Joe Biden’s campaign couldn’t be more destructive during this important time. The focus for them is to be divisive and try and damage President Trump.

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