Machete slashings and killings have skyrocketed in NYC. The attacks are all random and have mostly taken place on the subway. The most horrific was the recent hacking of a grandma in the hallway of her apartment building. Note how the reports all say the people are crazy but is this just a convenient alibi for what are evil attacks plain and simple.

Police are looking for a madman who slashed a woman’s hand on a Brooklyn train Tuesday night and threatened to chop her up — the third slashing attack within 48 hours.

Cops were called to a 3 train at the Atlantic Ave. station around 9:30 p.m. for reports of an assault and found the 29-year-old victim with a cut up hand.

The distraught woman told police the suspect, a stranger to her, told her “I will chop you up on this train” before he started hitting her with an object wrapped in cloth. The woman said the object appeared to be a machete.

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This is video of the suspect in the hacking of a Grandma – note how he jumps through the subway turnstile. Nice, huh?

Just eight minutes later, a 32-year-old man was slashed in the face inside an East Harlem train station, police said.

Police took a 21-year-old man into custody Tuesday in the random slashing of a Brooklyn grandmother on a subway train.


Damon Knowles is suspected of slashing Carmen Rivera, 71, on a Manhattan-bound D train Monday morning, according to cops.

The attack was the 10th random slashing in the city since October, officials said.

Damon Knowles is charged with assault, with the intent to cause disfigurement and serious physical injury.

On Monday, a 71-year-old Brooklyn grandmother was randomly slashed. A 21-year-old man was arrested Wednesday morning for the attack.  assault28n-3-webVia: NYDN

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