Last weekend, while Paris burned, French President Emmanuel Macron attended the G-20 summit in Argentina, where he spoke of globalization and the need for costly measures to stop climate change. Back home, rioters wearing yellow vests tore through Paris, lighting vehicles on fire, spraying graffiti on and destroying historical monuments. They were protesting high taxes and out-of-control increases in the cost of living in France due to Macron’s ridiculous carbon taxes.

Journalist Nabila Ramadi, who has been covering the protests in France, writes:

Since the protests began earlier this month, there have been two traffic accident-related deaths linked to illegal road blockades, and more than 500 wounded. Scores of yellow vests have been charged with public order offenses.

However, it would be unfair to suggest that the many thousands taking part in the demonstrations were all punchy bigots. The majority of those I spoke to were part of a forgotten France based in the suburbs of major cities or the countryside. They rely on very low incomes or benefits and are mainly dependent on their cars to get them anywhere. Their rage is aimed at a metropolitan elite who not only have far more money and power but who can afford to pay for the kind of green initiatives which are partly behind the fuel price rises.

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Emmanuel Macron – the French head of state the yellow vests call “president of the rich” – personifies this class of out-of-touch townies. His perceived arrogance has resulted in a woeful approval rating of just 26 percent, according to recent polls – all while close to a tenth of the fit-for-work population remains unemployed. The former merchant banker is frequently pictured on a bike at the many holiday homes available to him and has pledged to keep increasing ecologically motivated taxes in line with the Paris climate change agreement.

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In a recent tweet, Ramdani questioned how the massive amount of tear gas being used on the anti-Macron protesters helps with Paris’ clean air initiatives the president of France is so keen on?

In December 2017, Forbes reported about the One Planet Summit, hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron. The summit marked the two-year anniversary of the signing of the Paris climate agreement in the French capital, and it was meant to affirm the world’s commitment to the deal despite Donald Trump’s announcement in June that he will take the U.S. out of the accord.

The previous month, in Bonn, Macron said Europe should take the lead in filling the financing gap left by the U.S., which has said it will stop contributing climate finance. Europe heeded Macron’s call. Maroš Šefčovič, the EU’s energy chief, came to Paris with an “action plan for the planet” in hand, containing commitments for €9 billion in climate finance for countries outside Europe to combat and adapt to climate change.

“It is not that funding or financing is not available,” he told the summit attendees in Paris. “In Europe, we have the ambition to be the hotbed of urban innovation. This is why we support local climate action through EU funds, with at least 20% of the EU budget going into climate-related projects.”

“Forgotten France” however, wasn’t in agreement with Macron’s decision to increase taxes on every day French residents who are struggling to get by. For three weeks now, they’ve been ramping up the violence in the streets of Paris, as they riot to protest the ecologically motivated, increasingly out of control taxes related to the Paris climate change agreement.

A tweet by conservative NewsMax host,  John Cardillo does a great job of summarizing why Paris was burning, saying it was burning because French people are fed up with socialism and globalism.

Paris is burning because people are fed up with socialism and globalism. Normal patriotic people are inherently nationalist, as they should be. Paris is evidence of a global ‘Trump effect.’ America is back after eight years of weakness.

Today, during his popular radio show, Rush Limbaugh hammered the very unpopular globalist president of France, calling him the “Millennial President”. Limbaugh also announced Macron’s stunning decision to temporarily suspend the unpopular carbon tax on France’s citizens.

Rush: Speaking of which, ladies and gentlemen, have you seen what happened in France? This little Millennial president has canceled his carbon tax. The middle-class protesters have won the day. The yellow vesters have won the day. Grab audio sound bite No. 2. This is Edouard Philippe, who is the prime minister in France, and he delivered a televised address to the nation about the yellow vest riots yesterday and said this.

PHILIPPE: (via translator) The yellow vests love their country. They want their taxes to be decreased and their revenues to increase. This is at the heart of the president’s engagement, and if I did not succeed in expressing this — if the majority had trouble convincing the French people — I see that we need to change something. No tax ought to endanger the nation’s unity. We have heard the demand expressed by all those who have consulted in the past few days. I suspend, for a duration of six months, the tax measures.

RUSH: (laughing) Six months! “We’re gonna suspend the tax for six months, but you better be ready, because we’re gonna slap it back on you again at the beginning of summer when you’re gonna be driving more than you are now. We’re gonna soak you. We’re just gonna delay it for six months.” But the bottom line is you’ve seen all of the video out of France. Remember as I so credulously intoned yesterday: Europe, we are told… We are told Europe’s utopia.

The Europeans have it down pat! The Europeans know how to do life in the twenty-first century. They have trains. They don’t pollute. The Europeans are all in on fixing climate change. The Europeans have multiculturalism down. They’re sophisticated! The Europeans don’t have any rabble that have anything to say about anything. Europe is utopia. And this little guy macaroon (or whatever his name is, Macron) bought into this idea that the whole world…

See, this is what the left does and what the media does. Whatever their issues are, they act like every human being alive agrees with them. So this guy thinks that he was elected to raise taxes to fix climate change. So he goes about it, does it, and holy hell greets him as a result, and he’s stunned! He’s stunned. He thought his approval numbers would skyrocket. Why, after all, the people realize we’ve only got a few years to save the earth, and this is a vastly necessary step.

Except when it happens to you! When you’re being blamed and when you’re told, “You have to bear the burden of all the damage you’ve caused in destroying the planet; here’s $7-a-gallon gasoline,” people say, “Whoa! You fix it.” They’re not signing up for it whatsoever. But in this case, the French are doing exactly what the global climate change political movement wants done. This little president over there passes a massive tax on carbon, driving the price of gasoline over $7 a gallon.

Trump was correct not to sign the Paris Climate Accord and bankrupt Americans. Every day, we are thankful for a President who puts Americans first…


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