After a long weekend of violent rioting, France is bracing for more unrest after six days of devastating destruction of stores and businesses. In a move that shocked French citizens, the enraged protesters attacked the home of Paris mayor L’Haÿ-les-Roses and his young family. A firefighter was also killed while battling a vehicle that was set on fire by angry protesters.

The violent protesters erupted after police killed a 17-year-old Muslim immigrant Nahel Merzouk, in a Paris suburb last Tuesday morning.

R Singh summarizes what happened in Paris that led to the violent riots:

A Muslim criminal boy who was running away with a stolen car, the policeman tried to stop him.
He started ramming the policeman . The boy was killed by a policeman’s bullet.
His mother gathered people and set fire to the whole France. 

The violence is happening across France. In Marseille, rioters reportedly broke into a Volkswagon dealership and stole vehicles.

Courthouse News reports – The violence may have reached a tipping point with large-scale deployments of police and armored vehicles, hundreds of arrests, growing public fury at what many French see as wanton misbehavior rather than legitimate anger and protest, and calls for calm from Merzouk’s grandmother and mother. Merzouk’s body was laid to rest Saturday at a mosque in Nanterre.


“The people who are breaking things right now, I tell them: stop it,” the French broadcaster BFMTV quoted his grandmother, Nadia, as saying Sunday in a plea to halt the destruction of schools, buses and other public infrastructure. “They used Nahel as an excuse.”

Attackers used a car to ram through the home’s gates before setting the vehicle on fire and letting the blaze spread to the house, Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun said in a statement.

Jeanbrun alleges that rioters attacked his wife and children, aged 5 and 7, with firework rockets when they tried to flee. One of the children was hurt, and Melanie Nowak, his wife, broke her leg. The mayor was not at home because he was monitoring the riots. Authorities said they were investigating the attack as attempted murder.

Jeanbrun called it “a murder attempt of unspeakable cowardice.”

“A line has been crossed,” he said. “If my priority today is to take care of my family, my determination to protect and serve the Republic is greater than before.”

Here’s a stunning image of what Paris currently looks like:

These images of Paris burning are gut-wrenching. Now Video Network reports that more than 2,000 cars have been burned and over 350 buildings have been damaged. They’re also reporting that the rioters are armed with weapons, explosives and Molotov cocktails.

Britain First leader Paul Golding shared a video of a Muslim man shouting:

‘Allah Akbar! We are Muslims, if the police kill us we have the right to kill. It is written in the Koran!’

“France has fallen. In a few years, it will become the first Islamic Republic in Europe,” Golding tweeted.

A local French police chief warns that the rioters are not simply rioting, “It’s war!” he says, adding, “They want to kill us!”

Paris is being reduced to a flaming Third World cesspit by globalism, Golding tweets:

Not counting the loss of tourism to one of the most visited places in the world, the head of the Union of French Entrepreneurs estimates the losses due to the riots at over 1 billion euros.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s answer to the riots is shutting down the internet, a move that would make Vladimir Putin proud.

According to the Last Refuge, France is now pledging to shut down internet communication in an effort to control organizing through social media; there is a bigger picture that must be considered.

The notice from the Directorate General of the National Police reads: 

The Ministry of the Interior would like to inform the population of the exceptional measures put in place to ensure public security and tranquility in the context of the recent riots. As part of our commitment to maintain order and stability in the affected areas, additional measures have been decided to prevent any form of
violence and disturbance.

From July 3 and for a fixed period, temporary restrictions will be applied to Internet access in certain specific neighborhoods during night hours. These restrictions aim to prevent the misuse of social media and
online platforms to coordinate illegal actions and incite violence.

It is important to note that these restrictions are not put in place to restrict the fundamental freedoms of citizens, but rather in order to preserve their safety as well as that of their property. In addition, the measures will not affect essential services such as hospitals, emergency services and critical infrastructure.


In addition, we would like to reassure the population that the telephone services, which make it possible to reach loved ones or contact medical teams if necessary, will operate normally. Mobile and landline operators will continue to operate their services without interruption, to ensure the availability of essential
communications at all times.


The Last Refuge warns:

You might cheer France using control over communication to target the violent brown people now; but what happens when those same EU entities decide to target the communication of a different type of uprising. This is me, sending warning flares to those who might not care about this ‘beta-test’.

Oh, and don’t forget the Senate Intelligence Committee’s recent effort with the Restrict Act, total internet and domestic social media control pushed under the auspices of controlling TikTok data collection.

♦ Let me also point out that it does not seem in the least bit coincidental these French uprisings happen at the same time that Elon Musk and Twitter start limiting the ability of users to engage with the social media platform.

Musk claims that changing and restricting user access is all part of some necessary plan to stop scrapers from scouring the data of Twitter users and creating an AI system for censorship and control.

That’s nonsense.

Scraping and Spider Crawling happen on just about every site and platform where public comments take place. Reddit and YouTube comment systems are one example. Truth Social is another example.

Google AI has been scraping content from the entire internet for years. It is silly to say that a new censorship system using AI to scrape user information is a valid reason to shut down user engagement with the platform.

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