Is this America? Huntington Beach, California, was the scene this weekend of helicopters blaring messages to people to stay home and stay off of the beach.

A video on Twitter shows an attempt to control people after beaches were shut down because of the coronavirus crisis. Orange County was targeted by the California governor to be shut down because when beaches reopened, he says the crowds were too big (see previous report below).

After a large protest against the governor’s shut down on Friday, the City Council of Huntington Beach, CA, voted to sue California Governor Newsom for beach closings (see previous report below). This is how Governor Newsom responds…


California Governor Gavin Newsom wasn’t happy with the photos of overcrowded beaches last weekend. Because of the overcrowding, Newsom announced he would close all beaches in Orange County, setting up a showdown with local authorities who are refusing to stay closed.


While Governor Newsom spoke out about why he’s ordering a “temporary pause” in closing beaches saying, “we’re guided by health,” others aren’t so sure about the closure:

Orange County officials and Sheriff Don Barnes spoke out to contradict what Newsom said:

“The photographs I saw, quite honestly, were a stark contrast to what the governor’s acting on.” Sheriff Barnes added that he will not be “taking enforcement action on this order.”

“My intent…is to seek voluntary compliance. I have no desire to enforce…through arrest.”

Statement from Sheriff Barnes:

On Monday, Governor Newsom focused on his concern about Newport Beach, and the next day, the Newport Beach City Council voted to keep its beaches open.

Just tonight, the Huntington Beach, California city council voted 5-2 to allow their city attorney to directly challenge the legality of Governor Newsom’s sweeping order to close all beaches in Orange County.

Newport Beach Mayor Will O’Neill tweeted out a slam to the governor:


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