On May 5, 2017, President Trump set the internet on fire when he tweeted, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe” The left went nuts, accusing him of losing his mind and of not being able to spell correctly. Trump supporters claimed there was a hidden message in the word “covfefe.” T-shirts and coffee mugs were sold with the single word “covfefe” printed on them.

The word “covfefe,” that the left tried to mock Trump for using, quickly became a meme and a sort of battle cry for his supporters after it was revealed by many that the true meaning of the word, “covfefe,” is “In the end, we win!”

Now, the Daily Caller is reporting that a horse named “Covfefe” won a Breeder’s Cup event at Santa Anita today. The horse was named after Trump’s famous tweet. The horse has now won six of her last eight races.

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Mitch Roschelle retweeted the Daily Caller’s video of the horse “Covfefe” after she won her most recent race.

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Trump added to the mystery behind the word, when he corrected the Daily Caller, for calling his tweet a “mistweet.” Trump tweeted, “Great! But how do you know it was a ‘mistweet?'” He added, “May be something with deep meaning!” His tweet will definitely get the “Q” crowd speculating on social media, who are frequently looking for hidden codes in Trump’s tweets.


What do you think? Was the tweet intentional or a mistweet? Tell us what you think about the meaning of the tweet in the comment section below.

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