On Wednesday, the President delivered a Hitler-esque speech with Marines in the background where he called all Trump supporters a threat to Democracy and to our country.

The speech received widespread pushback from Republicans and Independents alike because of its Fascist aesthetics and rhetoric that seemed like it was coming from an Authoritarian dictator.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that Biden’s speech was ‘one of the most disgusting’ speeches a US President has ever given.

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat said today that he thinks Biden is being disingenuous and is just trying to get votes from Independents who would otherwise disapprove of his poor economic performance and his disastrous immigration policy.

Perhaps the most impactful condemnation of President Biden’s divisive speech came yesterday from a recently naturalized citizen from Ghana.


Alma Ohene-Opare, a Trump supporter who immigrated to the United States from Ghana last year, lamented that Biden called him and ‘millions of other people’ extremists.

He also did an excellent job of explaining what a ‘MAGA Republican’ actually is.

Opare said that a MAGA Republican believes in “Freedom of speech, the freedom to exercise our religion. We believe in limited government and the rule of law. We are MAGA because we love the Constitution and believe our founders established a means for we, the people, to defend it from enemies, both foreign and domestic.”



Biden attempted to walk back his comments after a reporter asked him if he believed that all Trump supporters are a threat to Democracy.



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