A father and parental rights advocate won a major lawsuit against Maine Regional School Unit (RSU) after he was banned from the school district’s facilities for reading an obscene book that was in the school district’s own library.

After Shawn McBreairty, a father of two spoke out at his daughter’s own high school over the introduction of obscene books, parents from around the state asked him to speak up on behalf of their children.

After reading an obscene book in RSU’s libraries that described detailed sex teens between two underaged boys, the district banned him for obscenity.

McBreairty sued the school district for violating his first amendment rights and won $40,000.

Parents around the country have been pushing back against obscene books that push radical gender ideology and critical race theory on to children.

Biden’s Department of Justice under Attorney General Merrick Garland notoriously called conservative parents opposing such books a security threat in a letter that Garland referenced by the National School Board Association (NSBA)

The Epoch Times Reports

A Maine school board lost a battle against a parent fighting the introduction of obscene materials into schools—and has been ordered to pay him $40,000.

But Shawn McBreairty said, “I’m not taking a penny. It’s all about the win. It’s not about the money.”

In October 2021, McBreairty started a campaign to expose the radical gender curriculum in Maine’s Regional School Unit (RSU) 22, saying it promoted obscene books, glorified gender transition, and advocated radical sexual practices.

At a school board meeting, McBreairty read aloud an excerpt from “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” a book found in Maine school libraries.

The book describes a detailed sex scene between two young boys. The boys are cousins.

In response to McBreairty’s work, RSU 22 punished him by banning him from attending school functions on campus, he said.

On Aug. 30, McBreairty won a lawsuit against the district.

The court ordered the district to pay him $40,000 for violating his rights as a citizen.


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