The outspoken Republican governor of Maine is going out with a bang. Paul LePage, who never made any secret about the way he feels about liberal policies and how they’re harming his state and the United States of America, is taking one last shot at Democrats as he uses his signature on an official document to call out the corrupt Democrat tactics that were used to steal a House seat in Maine.

Fox 23 Maine reports – From his first State of the State address in 2011, Maine’s Governor LePage made his priorities clear: Cut taxes, create jobs, and reform welfare.

“Maine’s welfare system as it stands today will run out of money in early April and all services will be lost,” LePage said. “The clock is ticking and we must act quickly.”

In September 2010, he said he would be memorable.

“As your governor, you’re going to see a lot of me on the front page, ‘Governor LePage tells Obama to go to hell,’” LePage said.

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Just a few days after being sworn into office, he was in a dispute with the NAACP.

“Tell them to kiss my butt,” LePage said.

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It wasn’t long before he was in the crosshairs of controversy again, criticizing the Supreme Court ruling upholding Obamacare, comparing the IRS to the Nazi secret police.

“You must buy health insurance or pay the new Gestapo, the I.R.S.,” LePage said.

The outgoing governor of Maine is making headlines again, as he ratifies a Democrat’s election results by signing it and then writing “Stolen Election” next to his name.

I’ve signed off on the CD2 election result as it’s no longer in federal court. Ranked Choice Voting didn’t result in a true majority as promised-simply a plurality measured differently. It didn’t keep big money out of politics & didn’t result in a more civil election

LePage certified the victory of Democratic Rep.-elect Jared Golden after Rep. Bruce Poliquin, a two-term Republican congressman, conceded to his opponent on Christmas Eve following a contentious legal challenge.

“I’ve signed off on the [Maine’s 2nd congressional district] election result as it’s no longer in federal court,” LePage wrote in a tweet, attaching of the certificate with the phrase “stolen election” next to his signature.

“Ranked Choice Voting didn’t result in a true majority as promised-simply a plurality measured differently. It didn’t keep big money out of politics & didn’t result in a more civil election,” he added.

The controversy over the race stems from Maine’s “ranked-choice” electoral system, where, if no candidate receives an outright majority of the votes, a second tally is triggered. In that case, the second and even third choices of some voters are added to the total count.

The Republican initially received about 2,000 more voters than the Democrat, short of the outright majority. But Golden managed surge ahead of Poliquin after second preferences from ballots supporting two other independent candidates were re-allocated.

The incumbent congressman claimed that the system was unconstitutional and requested that the courts either declare him the winner or order another election be held.

Maine’s top state court last year warned that ranked-choice voting conflicts with the state’s constitution, which says the winners of state-level races are whoever gets the most votes, or a plurality.

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