The Nashville police report has brought up a strange response to the tragic school shooting that took place Monday. In an interview, the officer revealed that the school attack was a targeted one, and when asked by a reporter if the transgender shooter Audrey Hale identified as a man or woman, he said: “as a woman.” He also disclosed that Hale did not have a past criminal record, and they believe Hale obtained at least two guns legally. The officer was also asked if the shooter’s gender ideology played a role in the attack, and he responded that it is something the police are looking into but cannot comment on yet. Interestingly, on March 2nd, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a bill into law preventing transgender procedures for children.
The law prohibits doctors from providing treatments to anyone under 18, regardless of parental consent, if the procedure is related to transgender healthcare. The law also applies to puberty-blocking medications that can delay the onset of puberty or hormones and cause physical changes like growing facial hair or breasts. And the state attorney general is able to bring a civil lawsuits against any medical professionals who opt to violate the law. Parents and their children are also able to sue doctors who disregard the law.

Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point, tweeted the video showing the police officer referring to Hale as a female, which has left the marxist media struggling to know how to cover the story, and whether they should portray the instigator as a trans person or if they should express anger that the police officer did not say the right pronoun.

Kirk also noted that according to the police officer, “There was another location that was mentioned, but because of a threat assessment by the suspect, too much security, they decided not to go in that area.”

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Kirk  also drew attention to the media’s reaction to the officer’s statement. The New York Times posted a description of the massacre calling Audrey Hale a “woman” who entered a Christian school in Nashville and fatally shot three 9-year-old children and three staff members before SHE was shot and killed by police.

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Kirk tweeted, “Suddenly there’s no interest from MSM in honoring someone’s “preferred pronouns.”


NYT apologized for using “she” and “her” when referring to the shooter after she had gunned down and killed six people in a clear act of terrorism.


USA Today also brought up the police officer “misidentifying the gender of the shooter” as if this was a significant event to detail. To which Robby Starbuck responded, “None of us in Tennessee could give a damn if the mass child killer got misgendered. The police did a great job today, and they didn’t misgender her. She was born a girl, and she died an evil, mentally ill woman. You should be ashamed doing this as families grieve.”

In light of the current tragedy, the trans communities’ ominous tees and posters threatening to harm those who they perceive to be standing in the way of their rights is disturbing.


The trans communities’ rights are not being threatened; their agenda is. Kirk pointed out that what took place Monday, sadly, is becoming a behavioral pattern. He tweeted, “Unfortunately, what happened yesterday fits a trend: The nastiest, most vile people in America are part of the Alphabet Mafia. They call for violence and want revenge against people who oppose their agenda.


The Trans Resistance Network released a statement claiming that Audrey Hale is a victim of the shooting as well as those who Hale killed. The statement says that Hale “had no other effective way of being seen than to lash out and take the life of others.” The letter also accused right-wing people of wanting the “genocidal eradication of trans people from society.”


Missouri Senator Josh Hawley called the event a hate crime against Christians. In a statement, he addressed his comments to Joe Biden, called out the murderous rampage that Hale perpetrated against members of the Christian community and their religious institution saying, “This murderous rampage…was a horrific crime, but more specifically, it was a hate crime. A crime that, according to Nashville police, specifically targeted the members of the Christian community.”

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