An investigation was done by mainstream media outlet Reuters and discovered that only one of the six living US presidents did not have slave owners in his family tree…Donald Trump.

Trump was able to distinguish himself once again as a man of the people after it was discovered his ancestors were never slave owners. Trump’s family came to America in 1885 and did not enslave people, unlike the other five living presidents.
Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden all have ancestors who were slave-owners.
Twitter users mocked Reuter’s race-baiting story noting that their findings were uncomfortable for the left-leaning publication. “Reuters awkwardly found that Joe Biden and every living former U.S. president – except Donald Trump – are direct descendants of slaveholders: Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and – through his white mother’s side – Barack Obama.

Charlie Hurt also retweeted the Reuters story calling it proof that Donald Trump doesn’t fit the left’s narrative.

“This is officially the dumbest story ever written — but it also proves that @RealDonaldTrump is the least racist politician in America.”

Another Twitter user indicated that candidates who have slave-owners in their past should not be allowed to run for President in 2024, saying, “And since it seems to be important that we rid society of everyone and everything that’s historically connected to slave owners, I guess that means that Trump is the only viable candidate. ”

The left has constantly dredged up the issue of slavery while ignoring the fact that there are more slaves now being trafficked and sold than during the pre-Civil War days. Border agents, Texas leadership, and citizen journalist have documented the gruesome slave trade occurring on the US -Mexico border. These stories have been largely ignored and suppressed by mainstream media, revealing that their concern is not human suffering but rather creating divisive narratives that lead to more anger and stereotyping between racial groups.
Human trafficking is being called “America’s new slave trade.”

Ted Cruz described brutal rapes, assaults, and murders that were taking place against innocent women and even small children as illegal immigrants and human smugglers are allowed to traffic women, children, and drugs through the Southern border with virtually no repercussions or help from the Biden Administration. President Biden has enabled a “grim humanitarian crisis.”

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