I must admit that I have shopped once at Lush Cosmetics with my young daughters while at the local mall. The workers spent their time behind the counter watching little girls running around sticking their hands in all of the grimy looking samples placed at various stations around the store. My kids kept insisting I stick my hands in every sample jar and try their products. Frankly, the products looked very unappealing and dirty, and had it not been for my teenage daughters dragging me into their store, I would never have gone into it in the first place. When these companies inject their radical, anti-national security political views into my shopping experience, it gives me the perfect excuse to never shop there again. It also gives me the perfect excuse to tell my friends and neighbors to never shop there. Either you’re for the protection of our nation, or you’re not. Lush appears to NOT be with us, and that’s the great thing about America…we can also choose to NOT shop in their stores. America first…catch the wave.

Cosmetics brand Lush, popular among young girls and hipsters for their “bath bombs,” is launching a new anti-President Trump hair care product.

According to Cosmopolitan, Lush announced plans to release a hair treatment called “Yuge,” a play on the way Trump pronounces the word “huge,” alongside an “orange faced, tiny-handed man” at their 2017 Lush Summit.

The “Yuge” product is reportedly a hot oil treatment that will “add volume and softness to your hair.” Cosmopolitan notes the product is not currently available as it is being tested on humans in the U.K. (Lush opposes animal testing).

Lush store

Lush’s homepage features a page opposing Trump’s policies titled: “All Are Welcome. Always“. The title of their article is somewhat ironic given that they are basically telling who they support while creating a product that bashes President Trump and the MAJORITY of Americans who agree with his stance on immigration.

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Here is an excerpt from the article that appears on Lush’s homepage:

The United States is in the midst of a trying political and social time that is being felt throughout North America and the world. Intolerance, hostility, racism and fear have been pushed to the forefront and emotions are running high. Because of this divisiveness, it’s now more important than ever to stand up for inclusivity, compassion and respect for all people.

Lush has always been, and will always be, a safe space for everyone—regardless of immigration status, gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion or political affiliation. We love and encourage individuality, and our employees and customers are as diverse as the products we create. That’s what makes the Lush community so special.

Lush’s “Welcome Refugees” statement encourages people to share the hashtags #refugeeswelcome and #nobannowall and to visit the website for the International Rescue Committee to “take action.”

Lush’s political stances haven’t always been explicit through statements on their website. This Valentine’s Day, Lush featured photos of same-sex couples in baths throughout their website.




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