The majority of universities and colleges located in America have morphed from places of higher learning where children were once taught how to think critically and engage various worldviews through well-thought out argumentation, to glorified indoctrination centers dedicated to brainwashing youth with progressivism.

Perhaps you think this is just a bit of melodrama, an overreaction to a few sensationalized news stories. Maybe what Brown University is doing for illegal immigrants will change your mind.

Apparently, the school has offered a “tuition-free” Master’s degree should the federal government repeal DACA.

Campus Reform is reporting:

The new program would be available for any 2018 graduate as a one-year extension to their time at Brown, and would come with university-subsidized health insurance and a stipend, according to a statement by Provost Richard Locke.

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In the event that DACA is repealed, the university has also vowed to offer “in-school and post-graduate opportunities for students unable to work legally to engage in stipend-supported research and education that is not citizenship-dependent.”

While the program remains in limbo, the elite school says it will continue to support DACA students through its existing initiatives, such as covering the cost of DACA renewal application fees, providing grant money to pay for legal representation, and creating extra institutional scholarships for students whose work authorization expires.

“It is our hope that through these efforts, the university will continue to support academic development and achievement while Congress works to address essential immigration reform,” Locke concludes.

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The message this university is sending is that it’s perfectly acceptable to violate the law and enter our nation illegally. In fact, not only is it acceptable, but it’s behavior that’s being rewarded.

Imagine, if you will, rewarding a thief for breaking into your house, handing him a brand spanking new TV, because that’s essentially what Brown is doing on a much grander scale.

The lack of respect for the law is astounding.

Out of one side of their mouths progressives want more aggressive gun control laws, supposedly to keep people safe, though in reality it only turns law abiding citizens into potential victims. Out of the other side they want the government to not enforce immigration law, opening the country’s back door to let in dangerous criminals who will take those potential victims and make them actual victims.

This is pure insanity, folks.

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