An elderly gentleman in Queensland was arrested for not wearing a mask as Australia takes steps to thwart a new wave of coronavirus cases from spreading.

Earlier we reported that Australian cities are bracing for another wave of Covid, mandating lockdowns and masks in Brisbane with the Army patrolling the streets of Sydney to enforce stay-at-home restrictions.

Residents are being told to mask up if they leave their homes and to carry identification so that when stopped by authorities, they can verify whether they’ve stayed within the allotted 10- kilometers of their residence.

The older man and his female companion were walking through the Brisbane Botanical Gardens when he was confronted by policemen for the egregious crime of not wearing a mask. His female companion informed the officers that he had a mask exemption which they fully ignored and proceeded to cuff the non-combative man’s hands behind his back. The confrontation and arrest were caught on video, and the subsequent seizure it caused, as officers fumbled around in the man’s backpack for his medication.

Warning, disturbing content:

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More disgraceful arrests happening at the hands of those that are “just following orders”

Arrested for doing yoga in a park! Wouldn’t want people to be responsible and keep fit while attempting to stay healthy during a pandemic, now would we?

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