Here we go again. Another crime committed against someone in the pro vs. anti-mask-wearing controversy. Earlier this week, a Michigan man was killed by police after a stabbing incident because he refused to wear a mask (see below).

Now, police are looking for a Washington state man for assaulting a woman during an argument over wearing a mask and social distancing.

According to OREGON LIVE, it all began when a woman who was running on a track got into an argument with a man who wasn’t social distancing. The victim took photos of the man during the argument, where he was seen smiling and making obscene hand gestures.

When the woman left the track, the man followed her to her car. He struck her several times and kicked her in the head once she was on the ground.

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Police responded to the assault, but the man fled the scene with a woman in a black SUV.

The victim was treated at an area hospital and released.

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Please contact Vancouver police non-emergency at (360) 693-3111 or the tip line at (360) 487-7399.


Arguments over face masks have caused injuries and even deaths of people who get into altercations over them. Just yesterday, a violent confrontation in a Michigan store turned deadly, and the local Sheriff admitted there is a possibility of more violence because of the order to wear a mask.

Michigan State Police report that Sean Ruis, 43, got into a fight with a mask-wearing older man at the Quality Dairy in Dimondale, Michigan, on Tuesday.

Ruis was refused service for not wearing a mask then stabbed the 77-year-old man before fleeing in his car. When a local Eaton County deputy tracked down the car, Ruis got out of his car, brandishing two knives and a screwdriver. The deputy repeatedly told him to drop the weapons, but he lunged at her, and she fired about five rounds.

Graphic Video Below

“She backed away from him while repeatedly ordering him to drop the weapon, but he continued to advance and attack, and she acted in defense of her life.” -Eaton County Sheriff’s Office Statement


Ruis died during surgery.

The 77-year-old man is in serious condition.

The Sheriff’s Office called the incident a “senseless tragedy.” It indicated that there could be more incidences like this one where people feel strongly on both sides of the mask-wearing controversy.

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