The urgency for the Democrat Party to shame white Christian, pro-life, Trump supporters has never been greater. Meanwhile, the stakes have never been higher to prevent black voters from walking away from the Democrat Party and giving their support to President Trump, who has made a real, and measurable difference in the lives of black Americans. While every black person in America benefits from Trump’s historically low black unemployment numbers, many in the black community have been given a second chance at life, thanks to President Trump’s prison reform legislation.

For decades, Democrats promised black voters equality and the freedom to pursue the American dream, but instead, enslaved them with government programs, as a way to ensure that they show up at the polls every two years.

Leftists, like Teddy Wilson, a research analyst for Reproductive Justice is a perfect example of how the left attempts to twist the narrative about how “White Supremacists” and “Anti-Abortionists” (Christian Trump supporters) are tied together. Wilson tweeted: I’m attending the panel on Linking White Supremacy and Anti-Abortion Movements, and looking forward to hearing about the overlap of the anti-abortion movement and the white supremacist movement.

Teddy reveals his true intentions when later, he retweets another far-left activist’s call for Congress to impeach President Trump.

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Fortunately, there are some strong women who are willing to take radicals like Teddy Wilson, who work very hard to shape a false narrative about people who defend the life of the unborn and mischaracterize them as “White Supremacists”

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Lila Rose, the founder of Live Action, took far-left activist Teddy Wilson head-on over his completely false tweet. Rose responded:

Wow. Your tweet makes zero sense. Racists love abortion. They wish other races were never born. Ever heard of Margaret Sanger? She didn’t start a pro-life org. She started Planned Parenthood. Ever look into why Black women have 3x more abortions than white?

It was the video that Live Action posted under Lila Rose’s tweet that got our attention. In the video, a man can be heard speaking to a Planned Parenthood worker, as he asks about offering a donation to the abortion mill, in return for a promise that his money will be used for the explicit purpose of killing black babies only. In a video that will shock you to the core, two separate Planned Parenthood representatives agree to his terms.

Listen to the incredible exchange here:

Live Action followed up their stunning video with some facts for the abortion promoter, who announced he was working to identify a link between “White Supremacists” and the “Anti-abortion movement” (Christian Trump supporters)

How far has Planned Parenthood strayed from their original goal? Why are so many black babies being aborted every day? According to the CDC, in 2015, non-Hispanic black women accounted for the largest percentages of all abortions at 36.9%, yet they only account for 13% of the population.

The pressure is on, and the left knows it. It will be very difficult without tearing our nation apart to prevent the wildly popular President Trump from winning a second term. Stay vigilant, America. Know the truth about abortion, and why Christians defend the life of those who are unable to defend themselves against the left. Use facts, like the ones provided above by Lila Rose, and never allow yourselves to be labeled something you are not.

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