New cell phone video was just released by Cal Perry on Twitter showing a police officer being assaulted by a possible Antifa member who was during protests in Charlottesville. As soon as other police officers saw their man down, they rushed to assist and got their coworker off the ground while removing the protester who was doing the attacking. The attacking protester then ran off into the crowd while the officers picked up their teammate and resumed their duty.

Watching this video might trigger you into disliking protesters, so be warned. Even though the police are there to protect everyone and do their best to keep things under control, they are absolutely outnumbered and facing droves of people who could snap at any moment.

This video paints a picture that no one wants to see. It doesn’t really make sense why a protester would be attacking a police officer. It is also unknown what transpired just before this video. The identity of both men is unknown and doesn’t matter. The bigger picture is that it shouldn’t be happening in the first place. The video was picked up on a cell phone and just released on Twitter. Here it is, short and sweet, directly to the point.

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The video displays an act of violence while pointing out something very specific about the police officers who are serving the public while the chaos breaks out. The police officers assisted their teammate and were sadly unable to arrest the protester. Even though the protester ran off, if they caught him, then would they be allowed to arrest or did the police be issued a stand-down order?

During recent events like this, over the last few years, there have been mayors who’ve issued a stand-down order and people destroyed cities worse than they should’ve been able to with little to no resistance.

Cal Perry also reported that the protests are starting to creep up again. The police have this vehicle ready to rock and roll in the event that things get crazier than expected.

Here’s more security on the way.

More coverage from the protests shows cops being taunted with chants and camera crews being blocked by protesters. Sounds really responsible, right?

The Antifa mob has noticed that the far-right crowd, who mostly bore torches last year at their own event, has not made much of an appearance this year. The far-right crowd didn’t crash the party like Antifa did last year, in which the end result was numerous injuries and three people losing their lives.

This year’s chaos in Charlottesville doesn’t have the Antifa vs the far-right drama that last year had, so this time the protesters are turning their backs on the police and the news crews. Besides the video above, there have also been other videos taken of cameramen getting hit by protesters. The news is there to provide the protesters with a platform, but they’re being attacked.

This illustrates the violent tendencies that come with the territory of being part of the far-left. Even though their enemy, the “white supremacists” don’t seem to be around to clash with, there are still people being attacked. That makes us wonder where the violence truly stems from.

Even Montel Williams chimed in!

Brace yourself, there’s more coming!!


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