34-year-old Michael Chadwick Fry repeatedly rammed his truck into the Dallas Fox affiliate KDFW earlier this morning.

The timing of the incident is interesting, considering that only two days ago, Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd published an article calling on his media colleagues to “start fighting back” against Fox News.

In an article published by the liberal Atlantic Times, Chuck Todd bemoaned the distrust Americans have for the radical leftist mainstream media and blames Fox News for calling their “truth” into question. In his article, Todd specifically calls out the deceased Roger Ailes, who is obviously unable to defend the accusations against him.

Here’s a portion of what NBC’s Chuck Todd wrote about “fighting back” against Fox News, in The Atlantic:

Much of the current hand-wringing about this rise in press bashing and delegitimization has been focused on the president, who—as every reporter in America sadly knows—has declared the press the “enemy of the people.” But, like much else in the Trump era, Donald Trump didn’t start this fire; he’s only spread it to a potentially more dangerous place.

The modern campaign against the American press corps has its roots in the Nixon era. President Richard Nixon’s angry foot soldiers continued his fight against the media even after he left office.

Roger Ailes, who went on to help found Fox News, was the most important of those figures. His sustained assault on the press created the conditions that would allow a president to surround himself with aides who argue for “alternative facts,” and announce that “truth isn’t truth.” Without Ailes, a man of Trump’s background and character could never have won. Roger Ailes was the godfather of the Trump presidency.

The American press corps finds itself on the ropes because it allowed a nearly 50-year campaign of attacks inspired by the chair of Fox News to go unanswered.

If you hear something over and over again, you start to believe it, particularly if the charge is unrebutted. The Trump team now keeps pounding this message, compounding the challenge. And the president faces little penalty with his voters, no matter how disparagingly he talks about the press corps; it’s precisely what Ailes conditioned them to believe.

For me, idle death threats are now the norm. (I don’t take them seriously, because if I did, I’d never feel at peace.) But forget the personal animus or safety issues reporters now face. American democracy requires a functioning press that informs voters and creates a shared set of facts. If journalists are going to defend the integrity of their work, and the role it plays in sustaining democracy, we’re going to need to start fighting back.

Now, Fox News 4 is reporting that a man has repeatedly rammed his pickup truck into their building in downtown Dallas:

KDFW reports on the incident targeting their offices:

A man was arrested Wednesday morning after crashing a truck into the side of the FOX4 building in downtown Dallas.

The man, after repeatedly crashing his vehicle into a side of the building with floor to ceiling windows, got out of his vehicle and began ranting.

FOX4 photojournalists were able to film him placing numerous boxes next to a sidedoor filled with stacks of paper. The papers were also strewn across the sidewalk and street adjacent to the building.

According to Fox News, Dallas Police Public Information Officer Debra Webb said that officers made contact with the suspect and took the man into custody “without incident.”

The suspect, identified as 34-year-old Michael Chadwick Fry, was described as being an “agitated mental state,” will face charges for criminal mischief. Fry was previously arrested in 2016 in Denton County, located outside of Dallas. He was also arrested in Dallas County in 2011, according to FOX 4.

“It’s just concerning to matter what the building is or who is outside,” Webb said, responding to a question if the man was targeting a media organization. “We’re really lucky today no one was injured.”

Webb said that Fry appeared to be upset about an officer-involved shooting elsewhere and left numerous flyers that were “mostly rambling.” –Fox News

Natalie Solis from Fox 4 News posted one of the flyers that was found inside the suspect’s vehicle:

To clarify, we’re not blaming NBC’s Chuck Todd for the alleged actions of Mr. Fry, but we are pointing out how dangerous angry rhetoric from an unhinged, leftist, journalist can be when it comes to the safety of other journalists who refuse to agree with him and jump on the anti-Trump bandwagon.


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