A man refuses to surrender his “FCK BLM” license plate despite numerous warnings from the city of Honolulu

A bold driver in Honolulu, Hawaii has been driving around with a vanity license plate which reads “FCK BLM” in reference to Black Lives Matter, the racist, Marxist activist group which terrorized the country during the summer of 2020.

Screenshot/KITV4 Video

First reported by uptight liberals in August of 2021, city authorities recalled the plate. However, the driver continues to express his right to free expression by driving around with the plate. Since the initial recall, several letters have been sent to the owner.

“We have sent three letters to the registered owner recalling the license plate. However, the registered owner has failed to surrender the plate. CSD has placed a hold on further renewals of his vehicle registration and his registration is now expired. HPD is able to cite the vehicle if it is being operated on the roads,” the Honolulu Department of Customer Service stated.

License plates with “FCK” or “FKN” are banned in Hawaii, and this one got through due to an “ill-advised oversight.”

However, the message of the plate has brought it to the attention of pearl clutching liberals, who have made Twitter posts such as the one below condemning the hysterical plate.

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Fear not, though. Many of the replies to Tweets such as the one above are quite mocking.

One such reply insinuates that BLM in this case refers to the Bureau of Land Management.

Almost a full year later and the Hawaii driver is still reportedly driving around with this now-recalled plates. Oh the humanity!

Stay strong, Hawaii driver.

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