A Houston rapper was arrested for robbing an ATM after rapping about robbing ATMs

Ladesion Riley, known by the stage name “Jug God,” is a Houston-based rapper and YouTuber who rapped about robbing ATM machines outside of Texas. As a consequence, he was arrested for his alleged role in the robbery of an ATM technician in Tennessee.

Ladesion Riley (top left) and three other suspects (Metro Nashville Police Department)

Along with three other suspects, Riley was arrested this week as he exited a motel in Dickson, Tennessee.

From Fox News:
Two of the suspects approached an ATM technician servicing a Bank of America machine on Monday from behind and told him “not do anything stupid and hand over the money,” police said. One of the getaway vehicles was a Hyundai Elantra that had been rented from Hertz, police said.

Detectives discovered the car alongside a Jeep in the parking lot and recovered a large amount of cash, although the exist figure has not yet been released.

Two of the suspects are career criminals out of jail on felony bonds, while Riley, for his part, has a pending evading arrest in a motor vehicle charge in Houston.

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Criminal culture and bragging about criminal deeds have long been a part of hip hop culture. Over the years this has led to arrests of a number of rappers who have bragged about or admitted their criminal activity through their song lyrics. Perhaps most notably in recent years was when rapper Tekashi 69 was charged with a number of counts of violent criminal activity including armed robbery and attempted murder, due to the fact that he essentially testified about in in his lyrics.

If there’s one good thing about stupid criminals, it’s that they’re the easiest to catch.

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