After every Islamic-inspired terror attack, the non-Muslim world is waits for Muslims around the world to step forward and strongly condemn the attacks. Sadly, that never seems to happen. Sure, a small group of local Muslims will usually step forward to bravely condemn the attacks, but the condemnation never seems to be sufficient for most of us, who are watching and hoping that large groups of Muslims around the world will come out and strongly condemn the cowardly acts of terror against innocent people by terrorists who claim their heinous acts are inspired by their Islamic faith. Meanwhile, we patiently wait for Muslims to stand up and make a public promise to do all that they can to rat out and expose anyone in their communities who they suspect may be involved in plotting or planning acts of terror. We’re waiting for Muslim communities around the world to join the rest of us in the fight against Islamic extremists.
Channel 4 interviewed a small group of Manchester citizens including local Muslim citizens. But it’s one woman in particular who’s wearing a full burqa with the word “love” spelled out using  a hand grenade, knife, pistol and machine gun, that has many viewers wondering why she was chosen to talk about “unity” following the most recent Islamic-inspired terror attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

A Muslim woman was criticised after she wore a burka emblazoned with weapons in a TV interview about the Manchester terror attack

The woman, named only as ‘Sid’, was part of a group of Muslims interviewed by Channel 4 News journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy in the Rusholme area of Manchester, which is home to the largest Libyan community in Europe.

The group vehemently condemned the Manchester Arena attack by 22-year-old suicide bomber Salman Abedi, who is of Libyan descent.

But some viewers criticised Sid over her decision to wear a burka printed with a pistol, grenade, knife and machine gun spelling the word ‘love’.

One wrote: ‘Channel 4 news contributor in full hijab, top to toe with comedy glasses, images of knife & hand grenade emblazoned across the front! Ffs.

The interview with the Muslim woman named “Sid” begins at the 6:12 mark of the video. Sid tells the interviewer, “I know I’m a good Muslim…I don’t need to prove anything”.


Another Twitter user said: ‘Channel 4 actually broadcast this. Nothing says love like a hand grenade & flick-knife.’

For entire story: Daily Mail

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