Ahead of an indictment against President Trump regarding payments made to Stormy Daniels, people have called in to question Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s record as a prosecutor.

Bragg has repeatedly downgraded felony charges for hardened criminals, doing so in a majority of cases brought to the Manhattan DA’s office and more so than his predecessor.

Still, he is expected to throw the book at President Trump, going so far as to book him on what could easily be downgraded to misdemeanor charge.

While the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and New York Attorney General’s office have invested a significant amount of resources in to prosecuting Trump, both violent and non-violent crime rates have skyrocketed in New York city.

In a statement on Truth Social, Trump encouraged people to protest the indictment, while prominent attorneys such as Alan Dershowitz have blasted the two-tier justice system in New York, saying that it is unlikely that Trump will get a fair trial in Manhattan due to political bias.

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Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is expected to bring felony charges against former President Donald Trump next week related to payments made in 2016 to settle rumors of an extramarital affair. The charges, which Bragg upgraded from a misdemeanor class, stand in stark contrast to the prosecutor’s history of reducing charges against the majority of cases on his watch.

Since taking office last year, DA Bragg has downgraded approximately 52 percent of all cases brought before his office. A significant portion of these cases involved reducing felony charges to misdemeanors. Under Bragg’s predecessor, less than 40 percent of cases were comprised of similar downgrades.

The pugnacious prosecutor has made headlines for refusing to seek prison time against all but the most violent offenders at a time when New York City has seen violent crimes spike by nearly 30 percent from a year ago. As leniency has increased, convictions have decreased with Bragg winning cases only 51 percent of the time, another measurable decline in success within only several years.

Federal prosecutors ultimately chose not to bring charges against President Trump, opening the door for Bragg to revive the case.

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