How surprising that the gay community was out protesting a gun giveaway! You would think that after the Orlando terror attack that the they would rally around pro-gun rights. Nope, they came out in force to protest a gun giveaway at a Reebok Crossfit fitness contest. Did anyone tell them that people could have possibly been saved in the Orlando attack if someone had been able to kill the terrorist. Would you rather be armed and have a chance or be a sitting duck? Also, why protest a private business that is exercising their second amendment right to give a gun away? Someone needs to educate these people on why being armed is A GOOD THING!  

A pair of Manhattan Reebok CrossFit stores was overrun Saturday with protesters upset that handguns were being awarded to winners of an annual fitness contest.

Dozens of members of Gays Against Guns and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence jammed the sidewalks outside the stores. The brand’s flagship location in Midtown shuttered its doors for the first half of the day Saturday in apparent anticipation of the protest.

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“Glocks should not be glamorized,” Public Advocate Letitia James said at the protest. “Glocks should not be given away as a prize.”

The Reebok-sponsored CrossFit Games, in their 10th year, are taking place this weekend in Carson, Calif. Dave Castro, the director of the event, made the tone deaf announcement last week that the top men’s and women’s finishers would receive a Glock handgun in addition to the more than $2 million in prize money being dished out.

Reebok upset CrossFit Games to award winners a Glock handgun
“It is an outrage that an organization like CrossFit Reebok, who purport to be about health and fitness, are giving away a weapon of death and destruction as a prize,” said New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Executive Director Leah Gunn Barrett.


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