Mother pushing three-month-old in stroller shot dead in NYC’s Upper East Side

New York City’s ‘illustrious’ upper east side witnessed a murder of decreasing rarity Wednesday night. Just a few yards away from a playground at 8:23 pm, a man shot a mother in the back of the head as she pushed her three-month-old baby in a stroller.

The suspect, wearing a black hoodie and sweatpants, approached the mother from behind and fired a single shot into the back of her head “execution-style,” then immediately fled on foot eastward on East 95th Street. The suspect remains at large, although a manhunt is underway.

The baby was, thankfully, unharmed.

The area of the murder, Manhattan’s Upper East Side, is the wealthiest in NYC and has one of the lowest murder rates in the densely populated city. However, the murder rate in NYC has been rapidly increasing in the past two years, and crime has been bleeding into areas that generally saw less violence than the rest of the city.

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This particular heinous act is believed by many to have possibly been the result of domestic violence, although investigators are still searching for a connection.

Naturally, Democrat mayor Eric Adams wasted no time in blaming this violent act on “guns” in the city, rather than looking at his and DA Alvin Bragg’s pro-criminal policies and failure to support police and victims.

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New York City is currently one of the least safe major metropolitan areas in the United States, not due to guns but due to soft-on-crime policies and Democrat reign.

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