In a powerful interview, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo obliterated Valerie Jarrett, the woman who directed Barack Obama’s every move for every one of the 8 years that he occupied the White House.

“Do you believe that if Jim Comey knew that the dossier was fake and garbage, and he kept going, re-upping warrants to spy on the Trump campaign, that he should go to jail?” Maria asked Valerie Jarrett.

The deceitful Jarrett responded, “Well, Maria—look—I have a very high degree of confidence that our intelligence community, our investigators comported themselves responsibly.” Jarrett continued, as she attempted to throw the GOP under the bus for their role in the bogus dossier that was used to spy on the Trump campaign. “Look, Lindsey Graham is the one who encouraged Senator McCain to turn over the dossier in the first place, to the FBI. She continued to explain that perhaps it was “one piece of a bigger puzzle,” as she quickly changed tried to discredit the investigation, saying it took place 4 years ago, and we should be instead, focusing on what’s happening today,” Jarrett said


Maria Bartiromo was having none of Jarrett’s nonsense and immediately began rattling off facts for her stunned host, who’s not used to being challenged. “What’s happening right now is we are learning the details of what took place, and we are getting official confirmation that the FBI knew that the dossier was garbage and made up in a bar because the sub-source of the dossier told the FBI officials in early January. Then, in early January, you had an Oval Office meeting where President Obama apparently said we gotta get the right people to investigate General Flynn.  We had Joe Biden saying let’s get him on the Logan Act, and we know all of this from Peter Strzok’s hand-written notes,” Bartiromo explained.

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The Fox Business host continued, asking her a very direct question, “So let me ask you this, did you want General Flynn to be unmasked as well? I know a lot of your colleagues did. Joe Biden wanted it, Susan Rice wanted it. Did you also say you want him unmasked?”

Jarrett refused to answer the Fox Business host’s direct question, and instead, attempted to shift the conversation to voting during a pandemic, “Maria, no, I was not involved in any of those conversations—but the question I really want to put to you is, ‘What are we doing today?'” She continued, “If people want to have an investigation about what happened four years ago, they should do that. But aren’t you concerned about what’s going on right now? Aren’t you worried about the integrity of our upcoming elections,  aren’t you worried about how we’re going to have a safe and fair election in the midst of a pandemic?”

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That’s when the Fox Business host dropped a Moab bomb on Obama’s puppet master, making her wish she never agreed to the interview.

Yes, that’s exactly why I’m asking the question—because I am a patriot and I don’t want to see people in positions of power put their finger on the scale and make up a story that there’s collusion with a foreign power when there’s absolutely no evidence of that. And if the powers to be knew that there was no evidence of that in early January, I want to make sure that we do not have the powers in government spying on political campaigns because the other political campaign paid for it.

We know that Hillary Clinton paid for the dossier. So, this was an election year—we’ve got one campaign paying for dirt on another campaign, and you’ve got the amazing intelligence agencies of our government weaponized!

“You say you knew nothing about it. You were President Obama’s right hand—and a lot people are wondering how much President Obama directed this. So, I’m asking you—‘Did President Obama direct this?'” she asked.

Valerie Jarrett attempted to divert from Bartiromo’s very direct question about Obama being the person who was directing the bogus investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. “That’s not how it works, that’s not how our investigations work. We leave that up to the intelligence community,” Jarrett said, as she attempted to use the Mueller report to prove Russian collusion.

Big mistake…

Watch Maria finish her off in the video below.

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