Our friends at Michigan-based Thosas More Law Center have been helping the family of the young girl who’s dad objected to a lesson on Islam in school. We think this school is way out of bounds in their effort to ban the father:

A former Marine is asking a judge to lift a no-trespass order ahead of his daughter’s graduation after her high school reportedly banned him from campus for objecting to classroom lessons about Islam.

“She’s in the final semester of her senior year, and as it stands right now, she’s going to have to go through that life experience without her dad there,” said Kate Oliveri, a lawyer from the Michigan-based Thomas More Law Center who is representing John Kevin Wood and his family.

The dispute stems from an October 2014 classroom assignment at La Plata High School in Charles County, Maryland. Mr. Wood’s daughter, a then-junior, was reportedly asked in her World History class to memorize the Five Pillars of Islam and recite the shahada: the Muslim statement of faith that declares, “There is no God but Allah.”

She had been taught, according to school papers submitted to federal court, that most Muslims’ faith is “stronger than the average Christian,” The Post reported.


Mr. Wood called the assignment an assault on his family’s Christian faith. He said that when he called the school to complain and ask for his daughter to be given a different assignment, school officials issued a no-trespass order against him and he has not been allowed on campus since.

The order said Mr. Wood “made verbal threats against the school,” but Mr. Wood insisted he only threatened to take his concerns to the media and hire a lawyer.

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