Burning the American flag has become more and more common these days. It’s usually carried out at protests by the left. The case below of flag burning should be a hate crime because it was done on a Marine Vet’s property.

A former Marine and his wife woke up one morning to find the burned remains of an American flag that once flew outside their Arizona home.

Brian Ellison was pulling out of the driveway to go to work Wednesday morning when he noticed the charred shreds of red, white and blue.

“When I looked down, it was the American flag that we fly on the front of our house,” Ellison told KTVK-TV. “It had been burned. It had caught fire. And then I looked at the flagpole and all of the flag had burned off of the pole.”

The family has no idea who would have done such a thing.

“This was not right,” said Ellison’s wife, Lisa. “It’s personal.”

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“Somebody may think it’s their right to burn the flag, but it doesn’t make it right,” said Ellison.

Police are investigating the crime.

Meantime, the Ellisons promptly hung their spare flag.

“I want everyone in Ahwatukee to get their own flag and all of us stand proud and say this is not going to happen anymore,” said Lisa Ellison.

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