Two nights ago, Mark Levin dropped a bombshell on his show about the Muslim terrorist who killed 9 people in Manhattan and injured dozens. The Diversity VISA immigration program that allowed the Muslim terrorist, and 23 people who were tied to his lottery draw from Uzbekistan to live in the United States, was given the brainchild of none other than New York’s own Democrat senator, Chuck Schumer.

Numbers USA breaks down Senator Chuck Schumer’s Diversity Visa immigration program: The Irish Immigration Reform Movement (IIRM) began working directly with Rep. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and his staff to draft a diversity program that differed significantly from those considered up to that point. The Schumer proposal would have set aside 75,000 visas each year for a new category of “diversity immigrants.”112 Under this proposal, the world would be separated into “high-admission regions” and “low-admission regions,” within which would be “high-admission states” and “low-admission states.” High-admission states would be those from which at least 25,000 immigrants had come to the United States within the most recent five-year period. While no state would be allocated more than seven percent of available visas, the bulk of visas would go to low-admission states in low-admission regions, with a much smaller number allotted to low-admission states in high-admission regions. Any visas not used by the state to which they were allocated would go to the remaining eligible states.

Last night, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin slammed the Diversity Immigrant Visa (green card lottery) program in an interview with Sean Hannity on FOX News Tuesday night. He said a lottery is no way to run an immigration system. Levin said a caller, a counter-intelligence veteran, told him al Qaeda and ISIS are “actively” using the program to install sleeper cells in the U.S

“It took effect in 1995,” Levin said of the bill. “People go online and they apply. They apply online. It’s a lottery system. That is no way to run immigration system. I had a caller on my radio program tonight and he said, he used to work counterintelligence. Al Qaeda and ISIS have actively been working to use this program to put sleepers in our country.”

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Levin said we have forgotten what the purpose of immigration is. Immigration is supposed to benefit the United States, not to ensure diversity from the foreigners coming into this country.

“Immigration is supposed to improve the United States it has nothing to do with improving other countries and so forth,” he said.

“This mass killer has claimed an association with ISIS, hasn’t he? This diversity visa program should be gutted. We don’t need a diversity visa program with 50,000 people a year come into this country through a lottery system, because we want diversity from different countries,” Levin declared.

Levin said after 9/11, you would have thought people would take the issue of immigration more seriously.

“Immigration is about national security,” the broadcaster said. “Once people get into the country it becomes far more complicated. So you want to stop them at the border. And when the President of the United States said, as he did when he first came into office, we can’t vet these people. Some of these governments are effective war with us and some of them don’t exist. Some of them are involved in civil war. You know, we can’t call Yemen and say, hey, can you check this guy out on your computer system? There is no computer system. There is no effective government. What the President is saying is… you can’t bring people in from these countries until we figure out what’s going on.” –Real Clear Politics

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