Last night, during a segment on Fox News’ Hannity Show, Mark Levin beautifully dissected the Democrats failed impeachment hearings, in their attempt to undo the 2016 election results.

Levin explained how Trump has been a reliable ally for the Ukrainians, and how if anyone needed to be impeached over their treatment of Ukraine, it’s Barack Obama.

Levin started his rant on the Hannity Show by stating a few facts about the media’s treatment of how President Trump has treated Ukraine and Russia vs. how Obama treated them, “Despite all these bureaucrats testifying, they couldn’t get the weapons that Ukraine wanted under Obama. There were no hearings.  There were no headlines.” He continued by laying out a few important facts that the Democrats and their allies in the media are ignoring, “It was Trump who got the Ukrainians the weapons they needed.  It was Trump who stopped the Russians. It was Trump who put the most severe sanctions in modern history on Russia.  It was Obama who appeased the Russians. It was Obama under whose presidency, invaded Ukraine, and annexed Crimea.”

A frustrated Mark Levin then gave the “spineless” Senate Republicans a few pointers for the upcoming Senate impeachment trial:

“If you want to impeach, then we need to retroactively impeach Obama!

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Now, this will move to the United States Senate.

Let’s hope Republicans, for once in their life, will grow a spine!

I wanna remind the Republicans, including the half dozen or so who…’ We cannot reveal the whistleblower.'”

Read your damn law! You wrote it!

Read your law!

The so-called whistleblower’s not a whistleblower under your law!

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The so-called whistleblower’s complaint, right here, is not covered by the statute you wrote!

The phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky is not covered by the statute you wrote!

President Trump is not covered by the statute you wrote!

And the so-called whistleblower is not anonymous under the statute—is he?

So, the president’s lawyers will finally get a shot at the whistleblower, who never wrote the report.

I know his name—I’m not allowed to say! I know all about him—I’m not allowed to say.

A President gets to confront the person who’s challenged him.”


Levin’s rant concluded with some important questions including possible collusion with the whistleblower, Adam Schiff and Lt. Col. Vindman.


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