Chris Wallace of Fox News was unwatchable this morning because of his biased and unintelligent questions. He’s in full fearmongering mode.

He really shouldn’t be on Fox News. Wallace would fit in better at CNN or MSNBC.

During his interview with the U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, he asked why there is no national stay-at-home order.

Mark Levin skewered Wallace with this tweet:

First, it’s unconstitutional.

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Second, it’s boneheaded given many parts of the country are unaffected.

Third, why do the media and Democrats say exactly the same thing?

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Chris Wallace interviewed Bill Gates after the Surgeon General. A vaccine for the world against coronavirus?

Wallace went on to interview Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The one question he failed to ask is the most important one: She was against hydroxychloroquine and then reversed her decision. Wallace never asked about this and he never asked about the fact that she hadn’t requested medical supplies from FEMA for the state until it was late in the game.

Brilliant legal mind Jonathan Turley also pushed back on Whitmer’s comments about state vs. federal control:

“Michigan Gov. Whitmer just said on Fox that the response should not depend on who is governor of a given state. However, that is the meaning of federalism. Governors did little to prepare for this pandemic despite years of studies showing shortages to deal with an outbreak . . .”

She did nothing today but politicize the pandemic and bash the Trump administration.

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