One look at Sam Vinograd’s Twitter feed and you’ll see her number one job at CNN is to bash Trump no matter what. She doesn’t even attempt to be fair and balanced. This is not news but is propaganda and Mark Levin Knows it.

Mark Levin aka The Great One calls CNN out on their fake news effort to say President Trump is soft on world leaders:

CNN clowns.

Let me help.

Has Trump been tougher on China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Syria, ISIS, Palestinian terrorists and, yes, North Korea than Obama?  No question about it.  Yes.  But CNN’s clowns live in their own unreality and spew their propaganda as their ratings collapse.

Here’s what CNN’s National Security Analyst Sam Vinograd had to say:

“But how many despots are on the Trump 2020 reelect campaign at this point, right? I mean you have Kim Jong Un criticizing President Trump’s political rivals, you have Vladimir Putin criticizing Democrats. Let’s just wait for him to say something about Joe Biden.”

“And it’s all pretty clear why they’re doing it. These despots are trying to manipulate President Trump by criticizing his rivals because they want him in the Oval Office from 2020 onward. He’s been pretty good for them!”

“Russia is misbehaving globally. Kim Jong Un is making more weapons, making more friends. I think Kim Jong Un wants to ride the Trump train all the way through 2020 because it is so good for Kim Jong Un to have Trump in the Oval Office.

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