Mark Levin criticizes Democrats’ “Stalinist” tactics towards President Trump and the Supreme Court

American jurist Mark Levin recently laid into Democrat on his show, “Life, Liberty, and Levin,” for their “Stalinist” tactics.

He points to their “dehumanization” of conservative Supreme Court Justices Kavanaugh and Thomas and the subsequent murder attempt on Kavanaugh, for which Democrats are all too complicit. He also points to Democrats’ threats to pack the Supreme Court in order to get their way, which they have been plotting since the moment they seized power.

From Fox News:

“Brett Kavanaugh was turned into the enemy of the state by the Democrat Party, by The Washington Post, by people bearing false witness,” Levin stated.

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He suggested the demonization of the jurist is the unfortunate successor to the Democrats’ “war on Clarence Thomas” when President Biden was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Georgia jurist testified he believed to be the victim of a “high-tech lynching” in that regard.

“Democrat Party and media mouthpieces said things about this court and about Kavanaugh that would cause the blood to boil of any kook or psychopath,” he said. “We’ve never had a persistent, constant threat on the justices of the Supreme Court.”

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Destruction of American institutions for the sole purpose of gaining and exercising power, such as threats to destroy the electoral college and the filibuster, further support Levin’s argument.

Additionally, the prosecution of President Donald Trump hearkens back to Soviet-style prosecutions of enemies of the state, in Levin’s opinion.

“What the Democrat Party is doing: Reaching back to Donald Trump — this is what third-world types did. This is what Stalin and the other genocidal maniacs have done, that is, try to take people who are out of political power and destroy them so they can never come back.”

Democrats are engaging in political scorched earth tactics, attempting to de-legitimize and destroy all opposing parties and institutions in any way possible. This is not how first world parties typically behave, but rather is reminiscent of dictators throughout history and in modern third world nations.

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