Mark Levin lays out Obama’s one-sided, unconstitutional Iran nuke deal in this easy to understand video. In the video below, he points out the danger we, as a nation face with this reckless ‘President” and the cowardly Republican majority Congress who refuses to stand up to him and his radical transformation of America…

Obama is patting himself on the back for making what he seems to think is a great deal with our long time enemy Iran. The truth is, this deal does nothing for America and it does everything to help Iran get a nuclear bomb. The goal of this deal was to dismantle Iran’s nuclear program completely, it doesn’t do that. On that point alone, it’s a failed deal. This deal allows Iran to continue enriching uranium, and it drops the sanctions that have been working well until this point.

Also, if the U.S decides to do a “surprise” inspection, we have to give them 24 days notice! So what do we get out of this historic deal? Nothing. We get an enemy with more money and more power to build a bomb.

As Mark Levin points out in this video, Obama just planted the seeds for World War III. This president has done nothing but help our enemies, and he should be convicted of treason for it. There is a reason Iranians are cheering, it’s because they know that America just bowed to them. What Obama has done today goes far beyond politics, he put our lives and our children’s lives at stake.

Via: ViralSneak

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