For over a month, Trump has been falsely accused of inciting a riot at the Capitol on January 6th.  Now, it has been confirmed by former Trump advisor, Mark Meadows that Trump offered as many as 10,000 troops in January to protect and secure Washington D.C, but was refused by the D.C. mayor, Muriel Bowser.

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo, former Whitehouse advisor Mark Meadows had this to say about the January 6 Capitol Hill unrest and the ensuing impeachment of President Trump surrounding it:

“This impeachment process they’re going through is unconstitutional.  It is all designed for 9 House Democrats to do 2 things: to get political vengeance and have a viral moment.”

“What we are also seeing is that some of the things happened even before the ‘infamous’ speech that everyone tries to allude to in this impeachment process.”

But it wasn’t until later in the interview that he dropped 2 bombshells:

“But we also know this: help was offered multiple times–not just in January, but throughout the summer with the D.C. mayor saying that the President stood by willing to offer national guard assistance–other assistance…and every time was refused.

Mayor Bowser said “No.  We can go it alone.”

That was the first bombshell that we have all suspected based upon other evidence.  But Bartiromo and Meadows also stated that President Trump offered Capitol Police, and Department of Defense support as well.  And what is most incredible are the numbers of National Guard troops the President Trump was willing to fork out for the event:

“The president was very vocal in making sure that we had plenty of national guard, plenty of additional support because he supports the rule of law, he supports our law enforcement and offered additional help.  Even in January that was given.  As many as 10,000 National Guard troops were told to be on the ready by the Secretary of Defense.  That was a direct order from President Trump.”

So Trump offered 10,000 troops and enormous amounts of assistance and was refused every time by Bowser and Pelosi and McConnel in D.C. as well as progressive city and state leaders around the country during the leftist riots throughout 2020.  Those 2020 riots resulted in over 700 police injuries, including some deaths, and the media remained silent and never called it an insurrection or took action to curtail the anti-American mobs effectively.

It is almost as though establishment globalist Democrats and Republicans wanted unrest to occur and were planning on it to use against Donald Trump with a complicit media.  There is only one place that blame should lie for this:

“…there’s all kinds of blame going around, but yet not a whole lot of accountability.  That accountability needs to rest…on Capitol Hill.”

Do you think it will ever happen?  Do you think Trump caused the unrest or tried to prevent it?

Let us know, and inform your friends of the real data.

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