Tucker Carlson is spot on in his commentary regarding CNN’s coverage of the Russia scam. It gets even better when Mark Steyn joins Tucker to comment on the idiocy of CNN’s reporting on a “nothing burger”….The metaphors are many…Elmo, Potato Chips…


“CNN is flying the network into a black hole and the only plot twist left is Anderson Cooper and Elmo in a spaceship trying to repair a rupture in the space-time continuum”

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Van Jones calls the Russia scam a “nothing burger”

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“The Russia thing is a big nothing burger”

Mark Steyn’s previous commentary on the testimony regarding Russia is spot on:
Mark Steyn is fantastic! He was on Tucker Carlson to discuss the intel hearing today on the Russia investigation. He sees through all of the total BS the Dems were throwing out in their testimony on Trump and Russia. Mark Steyn is the adult in the room when it comes to getting to the truth…Awesome!

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Mark Steyn is a gifted guy. One of our favorites!

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