Wow! Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum is usually mild-mannered, but she was 100% FED Up! with Democratic Congressman Sean Maloney who wasn’t going to let her have a word during an interview.

She was doing her best to ask questions and get straight answers from Maloney, but he just wanted to get his talking points in.

MacCallum finally went off on him.

She said “excuse me” a few times but Maloney just talked over her, and that’s when she took him to the woodshed on air:

You are very rude. You’re very rude, sir. That was rude. I’m trying to interject for a moment. I don’t want to interrupt, but I want to say one thing about the underlying crime here. When there is not an underlying crime about collusion, it’s difficult to say someone is obstructing something. So, you just laid out your thinking about why you think the president was obstructive. But if there is no underlying crime. That’s one of the reasons Robert Mueller was unable to make a finding there. I’m sorry for getting heated, but please go ahead.

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Besides the fact that she shouldn’t have said she was sorry, Martha really ripped into Maloney.

Later in the interview, he said MacCallum had called him names. She wasn’t having his distortion of the truth and called him out on it.

She said, “I didn’t call you names, I just said you were rude during the exchange.”

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