On the anniversary of 9/11, Black Lives Matter supporters took to Twitter to start a campaign mocking those who mourned the loss of American lives in the worst terror attack on American soil in our nation’s history. The Marxist Black Lives Matter movement shared #AllBuildingsMattter so many times that it was the top trending hashtag behind #NeverForget.

One of Joe Biden’s top supporters, Bishop Talbert Swan responded to the #AllBuildingsMatter campaign by calling white people who were offended, “miracle whip minions” saying they “lost their mayo minds” over the hashtag campaign on the anniversary of 9/11. “Bishop” Swan, who has over 161K followers compared mocking the anniversary of 9/11 to those who say “All lives matter” in response to the Marxist BLM slogan.

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“A Black Woman” tweeted the #AllBuildingsMatter hashtag and then mocked “Racists” for “getting mad” at the campaign, saying, “Oh y’all can bring it? But can’t take it huh?”

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Another BLM supporter shared a GIF of a black man laughing in response to the outrage the hashtag campaign created:

New York Post reports – The phrase was first picked up after “Saturday Night Live” cast member Michael Che used it in a 2016 Netflix comedy special to highlight anger at people saying “All lives matter” in response to the BLM movement.

Che — whose brother is an NYPD cop — questioned why black people have to get over slavery, segregation and police shootings while everyone is told to “never forget” the 9/11 terror attacks.

“That’s why this September, I’m getting a T-shirt that says, ‘All buildings matter.’ We’ll see how that works,” he said in the special, the title of which, “Michael Che Matters,” also referenced the BLM movement.

GOP Congressional candidate Ron Weber of Ohio blasted the disgusting attempt to hijack the day with his tweet: “The hashtag #AllBuildingsMatter is trending on Twitter because radical left are SCUM who have no respect for America or the people who sacrifice for her”

Princess Bulldog was disgusted by the BLM hashtag: “If any of you self-important childish babies tagging #AllBuildingsMatter even had a clue what happened this day 19 years ago, had seen it, had experienced it, you’d never open your mouths again.”


“Leave it to the low IQ leftist twitter to come up with something as disrespectful and moronic as #AllBuildingsMatter” tweeted WarHawk3750, with an image of an elderly woman sitting on a park bench, looking at a ghost of the Twin Towers and caption that reads: “It happened nineteen years ago! Get over it!”

Popular conservative Carmine Sabia called out the hypocrisy of BLM for burning down buildings and then tweeting #AllBuildingsMatter



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