Anthony Fauci has taken a beating this week and it appears the flogging is far from over.

Mary Katherine Ham went on CNN where she was asked a disingenuous question by host John Avlon, where he asks “what is the purpose of this fixation on attacking Anthony Fauci?”

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Ms. Ham responded, “Fauci is a very powerful public official who deserves and rarely gets tough questioning in almost any realm. He gets frankly a lot of fangirling…he doesn’t get a lot of pushback.”


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Unafraid of the unhinged response her comments are sure to invoke from the Fauci-worshipping left, Mary Katherine Ham nailed it when she stately bluntly, “despite his protestations, tough questions for Dr. Anthony Fauci are not attacks on science itself.”

To the left, any condemnation of their lord and master, Dr. Fauci, is met with disbelief followed by anger and a tirade of dismissive insults.

Twitter lit up after Senator (Dr.) Rand Paul had the audacity to question their high-and-mighty, medical ruler-of-the-universe, Dr. Fauci. And while questioning the doctor is one thing, accusing him of lying is blasphemy to the left.

On social media they lashed out at Senator Paul,  mocking him for being a simpleton Opthomologist; a degree that takes roughly 12 years to complete.

To be an Ophthalmologists, one needs to earn a:

  • 4- year Bachelor’s degree
  • 4- year Medical degree, followed by a
  • 1- year internship, and
  • 3- years of residency tr

Mary Katherine Ham nailed it when she blunted stated, “despite his protestations, tough questions for Dr. Anthony Fauci are not attacks on science itself.”

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