Americans are getting bolder when it comes to standing up to the Antifa goons. Recently, a man trying to get to work (see below) was caught on video, furiously grabbing the sign of a protester blocking the street. He yelled, “I’ve got to get to work!”

More and more Americans aren’t backing down to the bullying by groups like Antifa.

The latest video of another fed-up American shows an Antifa goon blocking someone in an SUV. He then attacks the SUV with what looks like a baseball bat. The driver angrily exits the SUV and lets the guy have it.


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Our previous video of the man who stood up to the protesters blocking the street:

Climate activists think it’s a great idea to block streets. The problem is that they make people late for work defeating the cause of winning over supporters. It goes without saying that it really pisses people off.

One man in scrubs was not having the protest because he was obviously trying to get to work.

He rips the sign away from the protesters and then flings it over a fence. He walks back over and tells the goons to GTFO of the street!

The best part of the video is when a female protester asks, “what’s wrong with you?” and he responds “I GOTTA GO TO WORK!”

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The trend lately has been to push back on this nonsense. Another climate protest in the U.K. came to a screeching halt when commuters turned the tables on protesters who had held up trains trying to get people to work. The crowd pulled the protester off of the train and proceeded to pummel the goon:

The funniest protest was in Australia where protesters buried their heads in the sand on Sydney beach.

Is the tide turning? Are people around the world starting to fight back against the protesters?

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