Masks for thee…but not for me! Cameras off = masks off?

After lecturing Trump supporters on masks, ABC’s Jon Karl was caught on Tuesday afternoon taking off his mask in the White House Press Briefing Room when he thinks all cameras are off.

President Trump delivered remarks from the White House on Tuesday. The President reacted to the DOW surpassing 30,000 – a new record high.

After a very short presser, Trump exited the briefing room as reporters shouted questions.


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BUT THEN… ABC News White House Correspondent Jon Karl stood up after the President exited the briefing room and removed his mask when he thought the cameras were off.


Jon Karl loves to lecture Trump supporters and others on mask-wearing.

Karl’s actions on Tuesday and yet another example proving for the millionth time the media hacks are the ultimate hypocrites. When will the COVID media craze end? 

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